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  • Episode Name: Series 6, Episode 2
  • Air date: 7/16/2013
  • Summary: The hedonistic Geordies are in high spirits as a surprise visit from Jay means a few days of non-stop partying. Meanwhile, Charlotte struggles with her feelings for Gaz


Typically, in the world of television, viewers are most likely to see an American version of a British series, but with Geordie Shore, MTV is attempting to create a hit on both sides of the pond. Even though many people cite the drinking and promiscuity as the reason for Jersey Shore’s popularity, one has to give them credit for casting a group of people that not only treat each other as family, but also know how to be entertaining in front of the camera.

Considering that reality television has attempted this many times and very rarely succeeded, it’s hard to believe that Geordie Shore will be a hit. Of course, even if it is terrible, teaming Geordie Shore with Jersey Shore in the lineup may allow the new series to stick around longer than expected.

Parents need to know that Geordie Shore, the popular British adaptation of MTV's Jersey Shore, features all the over-the-top antics of its sister series (endless drinking, promiscuous behavior, swearing, fighting), but due to the differences in U.K. culture and broadcast practices, the content is even stronger than the original. Curious stateside viewers might be interested in the Geordie culture, but what they will find here are mostly stereotypical representations of folks from the Tyneside region of England.


The British reality import GEORDIE SHORE features a handful of cast members living together for few months in Newcastle-on-Tyne. The housemates, who consider themselves "geordies" (natives of the Tyneside region of North East England), hang out, drink, party, and admire each other's physiques. In exchange for living in their posh house, they occasionally do promotional work for party and promotions executive Anna Parkin. There's never a dull moment thanks to these lads and lassies trying to make the most of the experience any way they can.